Frequently Asked Questions

What are Monsters?

Monsters (for Adventurers) is a collection of 10,000 unique monsters inspired by DnD and Dwarf Fortress. Each Monster has a randomized set of traits which includes color, race, hazards, weaknesses, and more. Here is Monster #1:

We believe that the NFT ecosystem forms a set of building blocks similar to the DeFi ecosystem. Monsters is a base 'lego' piece that can be combined into more sophisticated social and gaming experiences. Both Monsters and Loot will become key building blocks of the future metaverse.

Monsters is an emerging piece of the Loot Metaverse. Players are free to create their own stories with the Monsters and the rest of the Loot ecosystem.

What makes Monsters special?

The Monsters project embodies the Loot philosophy of creating unfiltered, uncensorable building blocks for stories, experiences, games, and more, in the hands of the community at no cost.

Monsters sets itself apart with a new mechanic for Loot owners: Monster Slaying.

At its core, Monsters (for Adventurers) is an interactive story-building NFT game for the Loot community. Your interactions and the relationships between Monsters and Loot tells a story: Will your Loot be famous across the realms? Or will it be mere decoration, devoid of adventure and battle? What stories will you tell?

The Monsters project pursues complete decentralization from day one. Monster cards and traits metadata are fully available on-chain, without needing to rely on file storage solutions such as IPFS.

How do I claim a Monster?

Monsters #1 to #8000 are claimable by Loot owners for free. Just call the mintWithLoot() function with your Loot id.

To avoid gatekeeping Monsters to only original Loot holders, Monsters #1 to #9800 can also be claimed by anyone for 0.1 ETH with the mint() function. If you missed the original Loot drop, here's your chance.

Monsters #9801 to #10000 are reserved for giveaways, community events, and core contributors.

Once all available Monsters are claimed, the only way to get one will be on secondary markets.

How do I mint?

View and mint Monsters on our official Hatchery app.

Alternatively, you can mint on Etherscan:

How do I slay a Monster?

You can slay Monsters that you own with Loot!

For a deep dive into the Monster Slaying mechanic and contracts, check out this post on the official Loot Talk forum.

But there's a catch: you can only slay Monsters with Loot of a specific weapon type. Each Monster is weak to only a single weapon type (Long Swords, Quarterstaffs, etc.) Monsters are immune to all other weapon types and cannot be slain otherwise! There are a total of 18 weapon types in Loot.

Slaying a Dragon

To slay a monster, first you must own both the Monster and the Loot. Then, call the slay() function. You can call the canSlay() function to check if a Loot can slay a Monster.

FYI you can choose NOT to slay a Monster. The Monster Preservation Society thanks you.

Slaying a monster grants exclusive and final naming rights for the slain monster. Did you slay a run-of-the-mill griffin or "Emperor Sunfeather of the Plains"? Time to exercise your creative muscle!

Once a monster is slain, the slaying weapon will be displayed on the Monster card (as "Slain with LOOT_ID WEAPON_NAME"). Both the slayer and the slaying weapon are recorded on-chain, forever. Stack those trophies for yourself and for your Loot by vanquishing many Monsters!

What are the 18 weapon types of Loot?

Warhammer, Quarterstaff, Maul, Mace, Club, Katana, Falchion, Scimitar, Long Sword, Short Sword, Ghost Wand, Grave Wand, Bone Wand, Wand, Grimoire, Chronicle, Tome, and Book.

How do I name a Monster?

All Monsters are born as 'An unknown Monster'. If you own a Monster, you can give it a custom name! Give your monsters a good name with the setName() function!

Please use valid characters (a-zA-Z0-9) and refrain from using double quotes in the name to avoid rendering issues. Monster names have a 32 character limit.

Note that Monster Slayers get the last word. The slayer gets to name a Monster one last time. Once slain, a Monster's name can no longer be changed.

Why is my new name not showing up on OpenSea?

Press the 'Refresh metadata' button on the top right of your Monster, and the image will be updated.

Can I build with Monsters?

Yes, you are free to use Monsters in any way you want - write stories, make art, go on adventures, (or heck, even date your Monsters!)

Is there an official UI?

Check out our official Hatchery app.

How do I value Monsters?

They say that value is always in the eye of the beholder. Monsters are no different, with no explicit rarities specified at launch. How you value a Monster is up to you.

We're in talks with to support Monsters. In the meantime, you can use the traitsOf() function to inspect a Monster's traits or view them on OpenSea.

What's next in the roadmap?

Right now, we're actively developing an official app to view, mint, and slay Monsters. This also includes building a Monsters SDK and Subgraph for the community to build their own apps with.

On a longer timescale, we are big believers in the ideas laid out in Cuy Sheffield's post on community-owned IP. We think the Loot project has opened up a Pandora's box that will create a massive explosion of community-owned works.